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6 International Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were On Chinese Soci

The respectable following belies the actual level of engagement, however. Despite updates on a near-daily basis, most posts clock in at about 30 reposts. Rife with contests, promotions, and superfluous hashtags, the accounts a dog. Posts entirely in English, but it doesnt take fluency in a foreign language to know when youre being pandered to, and thats exactly what Cruises social media accounts (both Twitter and Weibo) do. Granted, Cruises team likely maintains accounts on other even more country specific social networks, so its unrealistic to expect intimate engagement on any platform in particular. <br>Source:

Seven Things We Can Learn From Dysfunctional Celebrities

After more half-hearted questioning, David eventually admitted (at 2:53 in the video) that he too might be prediabetic or is prediabetic and should cut back on the sugar. But as I looked at the clip, it appeared to me that David didnt seem at all concerned with his diagnosis, nor did he seem motivated to adjust his eating patterns, as Alec definitely was. Celebrities, like everyone else, have different coping strategies for dealing with, and informing others about, their health. At one extreme, theres rock star Bret Michaels , who was on the television series "Celebrity Apprentice"; his charity for the show was the American Diabetes Association.And Mary Tyler Moore ,who has supported the JDRF for years. On the other side are the silent types, such as Vinnie Politan , a commentator for the Headline News network, who go only very rarely mentions that he has type 1 diabetes. And actress Halle Berry, who seems to have been diagnosed initially as type 1 ,but later apparently claimed she was type 2 (and who may have one of the variants of diabetes that are lumped into the unofficial category type 1-and-a-half). Then there are the cash-in types, such as celebrity cooking show hostess Paula Deen ,who silently suffered from her diabetes until she found she could land a contract pitching a diabetes drug. <br>Source:

Celebrities join online campaign to save Nicole Perko

Anonymous visitors to can access up to 3 premium articles per calendar month. Users who become free registered users of can access up to 10 premium articles per month. Access to additional premium content requires a paid subscription. To register or subscribe, please visit on a desktop or laptop computer Premium kim kardashian new pics content is available to sample on a limited basis. Learn more about registering or subscribing to increase your access. <br>Source:

5 Latino Celebrities Who've Made A Comeback

A world expert and pioneer of the procedure, David Morris, had been operating for three days a week at St clicking here George, the only place in NSW that performs peritonectomies, but has been forced to cut his operating days to two due to the growing surgery demands across the hospital. Nicole Perko and daughter Evie: the Sydney mother is awaiting peritonectomy surgery at Sydney's St George Hospital. Photo: Supplied In May, Fairfax revealed St George had told Professor Morris to stop performing surgeries for a month in order to make sure the hospital met its budget , before backflipping after public outcry . However, the number of surgeries he can perform each month remains limited, and he is currently unable to treat interstate patients, many of whom cannot access treatment at home. Sam McCauley, an 18-year-old school captain at Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, Dubbo, had never met Ms Perko but started the petition after seeing the issue discussed on social media. He is calling on the Health Minister to instruct St George Hospital to perform the life-saving surgery and to review funding for all patients who need the surgery. <br>Source:

Celebrities with Diabetes or with Prediabetes

Lesson learned: I say this first part without irony or sarcasm: naff cheap wigs are so great. Why arent they more fashionable? She also taught me that there is a surgery for everything , including becoming a hip-hop star, so thats good news. - 2. Chris Brown Along with Bynes, file under: people who have been mean to Rihanna. But way worse. <br>Source:

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